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Don't wait for "I'm Sorry"

Don't wait for "I'm Sorry!" You can’t change others, you can only change yourself. You can suggest, nudge, & push, but people won’t change unless they want to. We meet many people throughout our lives and sometimes they will hurt or upset us. Initially we feel Anger, Sadness, or Fear. “I’m Sorry!” will NEVER take away those feelings. You must be ready to ACCEPT & FORGIVE to regain peace of mind. Forgive, but DON’T Forget. Next, ASCERTAIN or learn from the incident. This transforms your state of mind from emotional to logical. “Am I ever like that to other people?” “Did I do something that provoked that behavior?” You can share in the blame, but don’t take it all on your shoulders. Next is to ANALYZE. Is this a person that I want in my life? If NO, let it go! Move on and don’t let them or your emotions control you. If YES, go to them (calmly) tell them how their actions made you feel. You'll quickly find out if they want you in their life. Be sure to give them time for their emotions to subside as well. The sooner that you learn to forgive and not let others, or your negative emotions control your life, the sooner you’ll be back on the path to hashtag#MasterHappiness hashtag#Bacon hashtag#Jalove hashtag#Forgiveness

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