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Flip your BACON!

"He gets me so mad!"

"It's all her fault!"

"I'm sick and tired of their attitude!"

"I wish, I wish that they would just...Aargh!"

Why do we let so many people affect us, upset us, and take control over our emotions?

Whenever you feel angry, scared, or sad, try to find a way to "Flip your BACON!

Sometimes people will accidentally or purposely push us to the breaking point. Sometimes people will poke and poke to get us to explode. Sometimes people will nag, whine, and complain just to drag us down. And sometimes it may be our fault and they won't let it go.


Take a deep breath, exhale slowly, and give yourself time to approach the situation with a little more logic than emotion.

  • Accept a little more responsibility.

  • Show some understanding.

  • Be grateful!

  • And take action...

  • on all of your positive opportunities!

It's not easy but it gets easier every time that you try!

And it gets easier every time to help someone else, "Flip their BACON!"

So go out today and be the reason that someone smiles!


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