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Girl Scout Cookies and the Homeless

The least we can do…

Girl Scout Cookies and the Homeless.

When I was young, a man used to come to our door almost every day asking for money. My Dad would give him whatever he had in his pocket. Which wasn’t much.

I was number 6 in a family of 7 kids. My Father was a laborer, which basically meant that, every day, he broke his back for a buck. My Mom was a part-time Bookkeeper. They didn’t make much money and they certainly didn’t have any extra to give to strangers.

My Mom would ask my Dad, “Why do you give him money?”

My Dad’s reply was, “There for the grace of God goes I.”

My Father could truly empathize with those that had less, and he was always so grateful for what we did have.

Now, you have to understand, my Mom didn’t mind helping someone in need. She taught us to do just that at an early age. She just didn’t want that money going to drugs or alcohol. So, they agreed to start making this man a sandwich every time he stopped by. He would eat those sandwiches sitting on our front steps. Over time, he just stopped coming by.

Maybe my Mom was right. Maybe he was using the money for drugs or alcohol. Or maybe, just maybe, my Mom made a terrible sandwich. I don’t know.

I’m much older now, and I have tried to follow in my Father’s footsteps. I have some charities that I contribute to, I buy whatever the neighborhood kids are selling, and I try to help the homeless whenever I can.

I’ve noticed that I am a product of both my Father and my Mother. I realize that I can’t help everybody, and I certainly don’t want my money contributing to an addiction. So, I’ve found some kind of solution.

I buy Girl Scout Cookies and keep them in my car for the homeless and hungry.

Now whenever I see someone asking for money for food, I hand them a box of cookies. I tell them, “I don’t have any money for you, but if you’d like, here are some cookies.”

I understand that this is not their desired meal, but it is better than an empty stomach.

This simple act accomplishes three things…

1) I share the purpose of buying cookies with the young Girl Scouts. So that they knows that some of their sales are directly helping someone in need.

2) The recipient of the cookies has something in their stomach, and a feeling that someone cares.

3) Lastly, it makes me feel like I am doing at least a little something to help someone else.

I still hand over some money from time to time. It’s not always just cookies. Sometimes we pack old back packs with supplies and hand one to someone asking for spare change. You will never see greater joy in someone’s face.

The next time you buy a new backpack for your son or daughter, don’t just throw away the old one. Put some clean socks in there. A pad of paper and a couple pens and pencils. Soap, a small towel, wipes, and maybe a toothbrush. These are the items that make someone feel human again.

If we could all do at least, the least that we could do, the world would be such a better place for everyone.

Thanks for reading, and if you are looking to buy Girl Scout Cookies, I know a little girl who can hook you up.

May I suggest the #Trefoils? They don’t melt, so they last the longest in your car.

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