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Ignore, Exploit, Assist

Why are those with depression so silent? Why are we afraid to fail? Why doe the "different" kid sit alone? Because they think that asking for help is a weakness that will be ignored, exploited, laughed at, or ridiculed. I imagine a world where weakness and failure is met with support. Where people go out of their way to ask for help because they are surrounded by those willing to give it. The world is a beautiful place because of the exceptions, because of the differences, because of the diversity. Stepping on others to get ahead does not help you win. Beating someone who is already down does not make you a champion. But helping someone get back up does. We learn as an individual by asking for help and we grow as a community by offering help. While traveling down the path to Master Happiness, stop along the way to help those who are lost or in need. You'll both gain more than you realize.

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