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I am so excited that I’ve started training kids from around the world in the “Art of Communication.” This was the first group of kids that successfully completed my class “Marty’s Motivators.” They were FANTASTIC!

These kids are 7-8 years old and have become very talented communicators.

My next group of kids (9-11 years old) graduate on Sunday. And Monday we start all over again with another group of kids hungry to share their thoughts.

I’ve taught Sales and Marketing for Small Businesses for years but Toastmasters has helped me find my passion for teaching kids. And I absolutely love it!

My curriculum includes lessons on Respect, Listening, Story Telling, Controlling your Emotions, Leadership, Persuasion, and much more.

The sessions are filled with kids taking turns speaking spontaneously, playing improv games, and preparing simple arguments.

The Final Exam consisted of all of the kids working together as a group to try to convince me to give up BACON for a week!


Remember that these kids are only 7-8 years old. They talked about my health, the humanity of pigs, and the surprise closing argument was a reading from Charolette’s Web.

I could never have asked for a more amazing first class and I am proud so proud of all of them.

Master Happiness, LLC - My purpose is to help people find their path of happiness. I’m so lucky to have so many.

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