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Passion, Purpose, Passing-Fancy: Finding Fulfillment in Life

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Life can be a journey of self-discovery, and a big part of that journey is finding what we are truly passionate about. We often hear the phrase, "follow your passion," but how do we know what that passion is? It is easy to get drawn into activities that we thought we were passionate about, only to realize that it was just a passing fancy. It’s important to understand our passing fancies, discover our passions, and ultimately find our purpose. And doing so is a path to finding fulfillment in life.

Passion, Purpose, Passing-Fancy - Master Happiness with Marty Jalove


Have you gone through phases where you were really into something, but it slowly lost its luster? We've probably all been there. It could be something as simple as trying out a new hobby, or something more significant like a career change. Initially, it seemed like what you wanted to do with your life. You were so excited about it, but then the excitement dwindles, and you start to lose interest. When we find ourselves in these situations, we must identify what drew us in initially and if it was a passing fancy or something more significant. It can be challenging to distinguish the two, but it's essential to save yourself time, effort, and resources in the future.


Passion is that long-lasting feeling we get when we are doing something that is a combination of what brings us joy and those things that we are very good at doing. It could be painting, writing, or anything that brings us joy and excitement. It's what we willingly spend our free time doing. And we appreciate the outcome. Passion is directly tied to our emotions, and it's incredible when we find those things that bring us genuine happiness. When we discover our passions, we find things that drive and motivate us. It's those things that we genuinely love doing, that don’t feel like work.


Where we might have many passions, we only have one purpose. Some say that our purpose is our reason for existence. It's that thing that we can contribute to society that makes us feel fulfilled. It's using our talents, skills, and passions to help others. Purpose goes beyond our individual pleasures; it's that fulfilling feeling that comes from realizing that we are making a difference. When we find our purpose, we have clarity on what to focus our energy on, and we can live a more meaningful existence.

Ikigai - Master Happiness with Marty Jalove


The Japanese word "Ikigai" means "reason for being." It's a concept that requires individuals to reflect on their lives and find their true purpose. Ikigai is a combination of what we love, what we are good at, what the world needs, and what we can be paid to do. It's represented as four intersecting circles, and in the center lays our purpose. To find our Ikigai, we need to focus on discovering our passions and what we do well. Once we've found these elements, we then have to determine how we can use them to make a difference in the world.

Life can be an exciting journey full of twists and turns, but it's essential to have a sense of purpose. Discovering our passion and finding our purpose can bring an incredible amount of fulfillment to our lives. It can help us to surpass the obstacles that we may face, and it provides us with a sense of direction. At times It can be challenging to differentiate between passing fancies and true passions, but it's crucial to understand what truly drives us. Finding what is at our core. Let's take the time to reflect and find our Ikigai, our reason for being. Don't be afraid to try new things and learn from the experiences. Life is about discovering ourselves, and when we find our passions and purpose, we can live life to the fullest.

Passion, Purpose, Passing-Fancy: Finding Fulfillment in Life

Marty Jalove of Master Happiness is a Corporate Coach and Company Strategist that helps small businesses, teams, and individuals find focus, feel fulfilled, and have fun. Master Happiness stresses the importance of realistic goal setting, empowerment, and accountability in order to encourage employee engagement and retention.

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