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Taking Humor Seriously

I enjoy coaching people and helping them learn how to convey their message. Sometimes it's choosing the right path, sometimes it's presenting the right story, and other times it's through the necessary exercises needed to build more self-confidence.

There are some very "serious" guidelines to follow when you want to add humor to your presentations. I have worked with some of the best coaches and I continue to practice and compete so that I can teach what works based on real experience.

With their help, I have laid out a series of lessons and exercises to help you add a little levity and feel a little more at ease when you approach that special someone, ask your boss for a raise, interview for your dream job, or just share a thought.

If you ever want to augment your amusement, meliorate your mirth, grow your giggles, or maybe you just want to feel a more comfortable speaking infront of a crowd...

let's talk, seriously.

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