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The Butterflies never stop!

My gratitude is beyond words! I competed against someone's story that I thought I couldn't beat. But today I relearned that all obstacles can be overcome.

I can’t teach children how to conquer their fears unless I demonstrate it first.

I can’t teach adults to fall in love with their businesses and their careers unless I show them how much I love sharing my message and coaching others to do the same.

I keep competing because I still have many stories that need to shared.

I keep returning to the stage to feel the butterflies and see the smiles.

I have plenty of personal goals for myself, my family, and my community.

And for my clients and students, I want them to feel the adrenaline rush from stepping out on their own stage and overcoming their own obstacles.

Thank you Toastmasters for giving me an opportunity to share my message!

Thank you to my wonderful wife Kristi, who keeps pushing me forward and thanks Dad for all your incredible words of wisdom.


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