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The hidden advantage of Uber.

The hidden advantage of #Uber. I travel A LOT for work. My old strategy was to park my car at the airport and drive it home when I returned. But those rides were filled with me talking to myself or yelling at the radio. I switched to Uber and found an amazing path to #MasterHappiness. Sitting in the back seat I have met some of the most interesting people behind the wheel. They are HUMANS willing to converse. They have interesting lives and incredible stories. Because we are strangers, we tend to only share #HappyThoughts. We leave the doom and gloom for our closest friends. I get to hear the joys of their life, not the hardships. We are faced with anger, fear, and sadness everyday. Take a few minutes to share happiness with a stranger and let them share happiness with you. What an incredible way to start and end a trip. What an incredible way to live. Give it a shot. It may become a habit.

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