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The Humorous Speech, Part 2

In the second lesson on "Writing a Humorous Speech" we covered a 6-Step method for adding jokes into your speeches or presentations.

I adapted this method from the lessons in "The Comedy Bible" by Judy Carter. If you are interested in exploring your inner comedian, I highly recommend this book.

I found that these 6-Steps were quicker and easier to explain.

Here is the basic breakdown...

  1. TOPIC: Decide what it is that you are talking about. It could be the entire message of your speech or just a a side joke to keep the audience interested.

  2. FEELING: What emotion are you introducing at the moment? This is important to demonstrate and exaggerate so that you will be better prepared for the Twist.

  3. STATEMENT: Now it's time to male a simple Statement about your Topic tied to your emotion. Don't over complicate it and be sure that it is something that the audience can connect with.

  4. ASSUMPTION: Ask yourself, "Based on my Statement and Feeling, what does the audience assume?" What is the path that my Statement is taking them down? What do they Assume that I did not actually say? What do they think is going to happen next?

  5. TWIST: Now turn one of the Assumptions upside-down. Your next Statement has to make sense but not expected. The more absurd, but possible (probable) the better.

  6. PUNCH: Deliver the Twist with impact. Change your emotion, Sad to Happy, Angry to Afraid, etc. Lean into the camera. Lean away. Get louder. Change your stance. Do something so that the physical you is a surprise just like the Twist that you are delivering.

There is obviously a lot more to it than just this, but these brief descriptions can get you started down the right path. Always remember, write 1,000 jokes, 100 may be funny, keep 10, and maybe, just maybe 1 will be hilarious.

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