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Using ALL 4 Emotions

Huge Success Last Night presenting to Long Gove / Lake Zurich #Toastmasters and Barrington Breakfast #Rotary Club.

If you are in sales, if you teach or coach, or in any profession where you need to communicate a thought or an idea to an audience or a customer, you need to learn how to add genuine emotion to your stories.

"Using ALL 4 Emotions in your Next Presentation!"

Our earliest memories are all emotional stories, filled with Happiness, Sadness, Anger and Fear. These are the stories that stick with us forever. These are the emotions that you need to add into your presentations for real impact that will stay with your listeners and drive them to act upon your words.

The usual speech is like the train that circles the amusement park. It gives you a great deal of information but does not offer you any lasting memories. An exceptional speech is like a roller coaster that gets your heart pumping with ups and downs and twists and turns. These are the types of speeches that you want to hear over and over again. These are the types of speeches you want to share and act upon.

You can take the most mundane topic and turn it into something special just by adding genuine emotion. Each emotion tells its own story. And combining multiple emotions within a story can create something remarkable.

Our fear of public speaking has many levels that we must conquer. The first is to get up on the stage. The second is to speak with passion. According to #PsychologyToday four reason that we fear #PublicSpeaking are:

  • Physiology - We have a built in Fight or Flight trigger to protect us when we are in an uncomfortable situation. This trigger gives us plenty of reasons not to present.

  • Thoughts - Our own thoughts cast doubt on our abilities. What if I fail? Instead, ask yourself, "What if I succeed?"

  • Situations - Are we speaking to a superior or students? Are we speaking about a well known subject or something new. All of these factors and more add to our anxiety.

  • Skills - We often doubt our ability. Have we practiced enough? Can I convey my message clearly? Am I a nervous talker?

Imagine yourself at the edge of a swimming pool. Are you going to jump in like you would have as a child, or are you going to test the waters with your toes and wade in slowly? Either way, you will end up in the water. But jumping in gets you to the fun a whole lot quicker.

I have helped a number of people find their Inner Bacon! (their passion) and helped them explode with excitement infront of their audiences. You can find that excitement in every message, product, service, or idea that you want to share. Sometimes it's buried deep down inside you. Let's dig it out and give it to the world!

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