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What SCARES You? BACON is here to help!

From spiders and clowns to those mysterious sounds. From things in the dark to black cats and sharks. From heights and the dentist, our fears are relentless.

Join us as we discuss “What SCARES YOU!” and how BACON can help.

B – Breathing relaxes us and gives us time to think.

A – Anxiety teaches us what NOT to do again.

C – Comedy lightens the situation.

O – Outsmart yourself, is it really that scary?

N – Note your courage, it’ll outnumber the fear.

Things that go "THUMP" in the middle of the night, the odd shadows, or those sudden chills. Our minds play tricks on us. We see things, we hear things, and sometimes we even feel things that aren't necessarily there.

Everyone likes a little mystery, suspense, and a scare here and there. Or maybe we don't.


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