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Your New Year’s Resolution should start with BACON!

We all want to better ourselves and be the best that we can be. But it’s a little too easy to put it off till tomorrow. Our intentions are noble, our motivations are honorable, but often our perseverance is questionable.

That’s where New Year’s Resolutions comes in. We choose to start a new life on January 1st. We promise to make life-changing improvements to ourselves starting on that magical day and ending 1 to 3 months later. Our desire is pure but the tactics we use aren’t based on logic.

Year after year, the most popular resolutions are about getting exercise, diet, and money. But at the end of our lives, our greatest regrets include finding love, resolving family issues, working too much, and facing our fears.

Maybe the changes that we resolve to achieve aren’t the same as what we will dream about on our last New Year’s Eve. And maybe, just maybe, we never really learned how to successfully make these changes.

Changing, growing, and evolving is the essence of life. Appreciate it, encourage it, and embrace it! Join us as we resolve to evolve and find out what we mean when we say that your New Year’s Revolution should start with BACON!

B - Begin, start, go! Don’t procrastinate, it all starts with the first step!

A - Allow for setbacks. An obstacle is not the end of the race.

C - Commit to 30 days. Then another 30 days. Take it in chunks!

O - Organize your plan, write it down, and follow it step by step.

N - Nurture and reward yourself. Everyday can be a success!

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