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Yours, Mine, Ours

We are in all kinds of relationships. Long and short, deep and shallow, professional and personal. What all successful relationships have in common is open communication and understanding.

At work, we freely talk about the corporate goals. Maybe it’s more sales, more profit, or innovation. Discussing common goals is easy. But what about discussing individual goals?

We all have goals, or at least, we should. A marathon without a finish line is just running without a purpose.

Imagine being able to fearlessly talk about your professional goals and being able to ask co-workers for their help. Imagine having a co-worker who felt comfortable talking to you about their professional goals and having them ask you for your help. Maybe you want a promotion, more responsibility, new challenges. Maybe your co-worker wants the same.

Here’s the important part…how do your goals and their goals help the company reach its goals?

Regularly talk to each other; be honest and open. Ask if their goals have changed, ask if they are making progress, ask if there is anything more that you can do? Share your own progress too. Open and continuous communication will help both of you reach your goals and together help the company reach its goals.

Imagine how successful your professional life could be.

Imagine doing the same in your personal life.

Are you in a relationship with someone you care deeply about? What are their personal goals? What are your personal goals? Do you have goals together?

Talk about them often

Listen, understand, and offer to help.

Professional or personal, together you can master happiness.

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