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Make a List

Here’s a fun project to do by yourself or with friends and family.

Make a List of things that make you happy. Start off with 10 things, then add some till you get to 25, how long will it take you to get to 100? It could be on paper or in your phone. Maybe you want to write it on a wall for others to see! Everyday, or anytime you think about it, add to the list. Make the list as long or short as you want it to be. Add anything and everything. Kittens, Bacon, Balloons, My Best Friend’s Smile, Jokes, Happy Thoughts, Hugs, Going to the Movies, Popcorn, Laughing, Playing Video Games, Puzzles, Drawing, Cooking Cupcakes, Frosting Cupcakes, Eating Cupcakes, Writing Lists, and more! Now, whenever you feel down, take a look at your list. See how many things, thoughts, and people that you have in your life make you happy. Read through your list and you’ll be feeling happy “WRITE” away!

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