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Rattled, Wrecked, Rolling

After getting Rattled, are you Wrecked or still Rolling?

We don't have control over everything in our life (Sometimes I feel that I don't have control over ANYTHING in my life). But it is how we react to the unexpected that truly defines us. When you get blindsided by life and knocked to your knees do you crawl away or stand back up? Some problems are easy to come back from, while others seem impossible. Remember, that even if you can't get back up, you can always learn from the experience. Learning may not seem like much but it can give you one positive thing to hold onto. Acceptance can be another and so can Hope. With enough to hold onto, you'll soon have the strength and support to get back up. As you learn to Master Happiness you'll find that you can't always win but you don't have to lose!

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