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The best Holiday Meals & Drinks start with BACON!

Listen to this episode here: “Bacon Bits with Master Happiness”

The best holidays are spent around the table. Eating, drinking, chatting, and laughing. Sharing a meal and breaking bread brings people closer together and leads towards nourishing conversations. Stories are created when we spend time with the people we love. And few times are better than when we prepare meals and eat with family and friends.

Think about some of the best recipes that you made, the most delicious meals you’ve had, and the tastiest drinks that you ever shared. Each is tied to an amazing story. These are the stories that make the holidays wonderful and memorable.

Join us as we talk about our favorite memories of food, drinks, friends, and family. Find out what we mean when we say that the best Holiday Meals and Drinks start with BACON!

B – Bring something homemade and show them that you care A – All you can eat. Take it all in and enjoy every moment. C – Cooking over catering. Working together in the kitchen brings us closer together. O – Overindulge on love, gratitude, and generosity. N – Naps tell everyone that you are in a place of love and they lock in the memories.

Pull up a seat, bring a big appetite, and don’t be afraid to ask for seconds. Spending time around the table with those that you cherish make the best holiday memories.

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