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What, Why, How

As our children grow they keep getting asked,

"What do you want to do with your life?"

"Are you going to go to college?"

"Are you going to learn a Trade?"

"Are you going to join the work force?"

"WHAT are you going to do?"

After that they are asked

"How do you plan on supporting yourself?"

"How are you going to pay for school?"

"How, How, How?"

We tend to forget the most important question..."Why?"

Let's start asking,

"Why do you want to do that?" and

"Why is that your answer?"

"Why do you feel that way?"

Let's help our children realize their own motivations. Let's help them self-analyze so that they can have fulfilling lives. Let's not force them to follow our paths or dreams, instead help them define their own.

When they have a clear understanding of their WHY, I believe that the WHAT and HOW will answer themselves.

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