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What’s Your BACON?

Most people hate Mondays. Some don’t care for Tuesday through Friday, but most really loathe Mondays. I was one of those people. I didn’t like Mondays when I was going to school, and I didn’t like Mondays with many of the jobs that I held. I was lacking something to look forward too. I felt like I was just one of the many. My existence and my contribution didn’t matter. I was just a number and it seemed easier to avoid difficulties than to face them.

I fell into the same hole that many of us often do. What was my purpose in life?

Then I discovered BACON. We all know that bacon makes everything that it touches just a little bit better. I love the smell of bacon, the sound of the sizzle, and I especially love the taste of bacon. But those chewy, crispy, crunchy strips of heaven are not the bacon of which I speak. I am talking about what B.A.C.O.N. means to me.

“B” stands for “Believe in Yourself.” There is only one of you. And you are a combination of the amazing dreams and talents that make you truly unique and special. Stop comparing yourself to others. There is no comparison. They are special too, but they are not you!

“A” stands for “Anticipate Obstacles.” There are so many distractions and hurdles in life. Difficulties and excuses that hinder our progress and stop us from reaching our goals and realizing our dreams. Some of these hindrances are unsurmountable and others are self-made. Predicting them is the first step in overcoming them.

“C” stands for “Confront your Fears.” Life can be scary but don’t allow that fear to be an excuse for not going after the things that you desire. Yes, you will fail, and you will fall, but you can also get back up. You won’t always succeed, but it will get easier when you realize that the regret from not trying lasts longer than the fear of failure

“O” stands for “Observe and Learn.” How do you learn to confront those fears? Look around you. No matter what you are facing in life, someone else has already been there. Answers to your concerns, courage to try, and the confidence to follow through can be found all around you. Just realize that you are not alone.

“N” stands for “Nudge other people to do the same thing.” Once you realize who you are and what you can do, it’s time to share your gifts. When you learn to face the obstacles that slow you down, it’s your duty to show others the way. True happiness comes from helping others, after you work on yourself.

Now I get up early, singing and dancing, every day, and any day when I have BACON to look forward to. I understand that sometimes it looks like others may get more than me. And I know that sometimes my bacon will burn. But as long as I have a chance to sizzle, I will fry, fry again.

So, “What’s Your Bacon?”

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