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BACON is a better gift!

What are you gonna buy Uncle Earl? What are you going to get for your sister’s boyfriend? How about the person who says that they don’t want anything, but you know that they really want something?

We live in a same-day-delivery world. Everyone seems to have instant access to everything that they have a fleeting fancy for. We are racing and raging towards gift grabbing and giving. Just flip and click for the sick quick ship.

How about just taking our time this year? Instead of just giving item #3 on their wish list, let’s give them a story.

Join us as we talk about ways to make shopping and gift giving more fun and more meaningful. Find out what we mean when we say that the best gift is BACON!

B – Brown Paper or Wrapping Paper. How are you presenting your presents? A – Activities and Adventure creates an emotional imprint on their hearts that will last longer than a scented candle. C – Create a Craft. Do the best you can at making something special for someone special. O – Offer Opportunities. Babysit, buy the theater tickets, cook them dinner, give them the gift of time. The opportunity to do something else. N – Not on the list. Giving someone something that is not on the list is a great way to show that you were really thinking about them.

You don’t have to be the most creative person. Do what you can and make it special. It’s should never be the cost; it should be the content. It doesn’t have to be lavish if it’s given with love.

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