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Just a fad

In 1958, the Hula Hoop® was introduced to the world by Wham-O, makers of the Frisbee®, Slip ‘N Slide®, and the Super-Duper Ball. That is over 60 years ago. And you can still pick up one of these plastic ring-things or at least a knock-off brand at almost any store around you.

When the Hula Hoop® first came out it was considered a fad. One of those silly things that wouldn’t catch on and certainly couldn’t last. And those critics were half right. Sales did drop off quickly after an initial surge but the Hula Hoop® has never completely faded away.

The popularity of the Hula Hoop would continue to pick up and die down over the years. Occasionally, a new generation would pick up the hoop, turn up the music, and swivel their hips.

I remember when I was a young boy. There was a summer when Hula Hoops seem to become popular again. It was an inexpensive toy that all the little girls in our neighborhood seem to have an instant knack for. They would just start whirling and swirling. Just walking and talking while gyrating this gigantic ring. Sometimes they would spin them on their arms or necks. They always made it look so easy.

I tried many, many times to hula that hoop, but only succeeded in getting laughed at as that giant ring just fell to the floor over, and over again. I would sometimes sneak my sisters hoop into the backyard and frustratingly try to control it with absolutely no success. I concluded that the hoops that I was using were stupid and probably broken, and besides that, I really didn’t want to do it anyway.

As far as I was concerned, they were a fad, and they could just fade away.

Looking back at that summer, I realize that we can use the word FAD as an acronym for Fear, Ability, and Desire. These are the three reasons that we don’t try new things. These are the reasons we sometimes avoid challenges and growth.

It is obvious that I had a DESIRE to succeed at the Hula-Hoop. But the FEAR of further embarrassment convinced me that I did not have the ABILITY. So, to protect my pride, I told everyone that I had no DESIRE to learn.

What drives you? What holds you back? There are plenty of things that we may not want to do. And other things that we can’t do. But are there things that you are afraid to do?

The toughest thing in life is to admit you are afraid and to face those fears. It is too easy to hide fear and use the lack of ability and absence of desire as an excuse.

The next time you hesitate to knock on that door, try something new, or take that leap, ask yourself, “Am I uncertain because of fear, ability, desire, or a little bit of all three?”

Since learning this, I continue to face my fear. If I see a Hula Hoop®, I’ll step right in, and give it a spin. It will probably fall to the floor again and people will laugh. I really do desire to get it right someday, I just don’t seem to have the ability.

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