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Opening your Mind with BACON

The ability and desire to cultivate an open mind leads to progress, growth, and discovery and is essential for success in life.

It can be hard to take a step away from the familiar, especially when you are comfortable with your own way of doing things. People are naturally resistant to change and it's understandable that they are afraid to open their minds to new ideas. However, embracing the unfamiliar can lead to incredible self-discovery and growth. The thrill of discovering something different or unexpected can be exciting! Trying out a new method or perspective is like taking a mini-adventure and who doesn't like a good journey?

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Today, we’ll be speaking about the importance of developing an open mind and sharing some examples of how those principles have been successfully applied in real life situations.

Benefits of an Open Mind

  • Being able to see things from different perspectives allows us to be more creative and better problem solvers.

  • Having an open mind allows us to evolve, adjust quickly, and come up with innovative solutions to difficult challenges.

  • An open mind allows us to better understand different cultures and lifestyles which helps foster more empathy and understanding.

How to Open our Mind with BACON

B - Brainstorming - One of the most effective ways to develop an open mind is brainstorming. This involves challenging yourself to come up with creative solutions to problems and considering various perspectives without judgement or restriction. It helps broaden our outlook and encourages us to think outside of the box.

A - Acceptance - Another important step in developing an open mind is practicing acceptance – not just accepting other people’s opinions or points of view but also accepting that you don’t have all the answers and there may be things that you don’t understand or agree with. This type of acceptance will help you be more receptive and tolerant of different perspectives and ideas.

C - Censorship Awareness - We tend to put blinders on when it comes to certain topics or issues because we may have an opposing opinion about them or feel uncomfortable discussing them openly due to censorship from society, family, friends, etc. Becoming aware of this censoring can help us remove these barriers and start conversations with the goal of growing and evolving.

O - Observation - Being able to observe objectively without judgement or bias is another important aspect in developing an open mind. Learning how to listen without forming opinions right away is essential as it allows us to take in more information before making decisions or forming opinions on something new or discussing with others who may have different views than our own.

N - Neutrality - Finally, being able to remain neutral is a skill that can help cultivate an open mind by allowing us space for exploration without taking sides on specific topics at hand while still maintaining a sense of respect for those involved in the conversation by being able to appreciate where each side is coming from with their point of view.

Having an open mind leads to greater happiness because it opens a world of possibilities and encourages learning from our mistakes. So be brave and embrace change! You never know what great things could come from having an open mind.

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