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Temper a TEMPER with BACON!

Fuses seem a little shorter today. Maybe we’ve been cooped up a little too long. Maybe we have been deprived of enough face-to-face social interaction. Or maybe we have just been stuck in an information overload filled with conflicting opinions that are driving us crazy.

I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT THAT JUST HAPPENED! What were they thinking? Aaaargh!

Are we letting too many things irritate, anger, and upset us? Why do we let our emotions control us? Why do we allow one bad incident affect our entire day?

Don’t let ANGER take its toll! There are ways to recognize our triggers, calm down, and regain control.

B – Breathe and Rhyme (If counting to 10 doesn’t help…)

A – Assert without hurt (The goal is to make a point)

C – Cognitive Restructuring (Change the way you think)

O – Opinions are like belly buttons! They seem useless, but it’s fun to say (add humor).

N – Not YOU, say I. (Tell them how you feel, not what they did)

Join us as we discuss how to temper our temper.

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