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Vandalism, Malicious Mischief, Devious Licks, and BACON!

Vandalism has probably been going on since the first unwanted cave painting.

As kids grow up, they test the waters and push the envelope to see what they can get away with. At that age we all rebelled in one way or another to assert independence.

On the other side, humans have a pack-mentality. We all want to be part of a community.

…but sometimes we pick the wrong community.

Now combine these thoughts and impulses in a growing mind and you can understand how malicious mischief can be the result. If I am fighting to stand out and show my independence from one group, it is easy to connect with others feeling the same way.

Other reason for this behavior may include initiation, self-expression, or a dare. Unacceptable conduct may be a way to impress others, an act of boredom, peer-pressure, or revenge.

The similarities all tend to lean toward rebelling against some to find favor in others. And with the quick response and need for attention, that social media offers, it is easy to see why there seems to be an explosion in bad behavior and poor judgement.

As parents, mentor, and friends there are a few things that we should be looking for and doing to prevent and stop vandalism, malicious mischief, devious licks. And it all starts with BACON!

Join us as we dig into why kids do it, how to talk to them, and maybe how to prevent it.

B – Bring up the conversation. The more you talk and listen, the better chance of getting to the cause.

A – Accountability for their actions. What is the best-case scenario for the worst-case scenario?

C – Compare pranks to vandalism, leaders to followers, and decisions to impulses

O – Occupy their time with something productive. Hobbies, chores, charities, and more.

N – Never nag. It’s amazing what someone will do to avoid an uncomfortable situation.

Sheep may run towards a wolf to avoid a shearing Shepard! What does that mean?

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