Too often, in life, we are surrounded by ANGER, FEAR, and SADNESS! We are beat down by the negativity of the world around us. We allow ourselves to be controlled by these harmful emotions. And these emotions, if not confronted, can lead to depression and anxiety and start affecting all aspects of our lives.

  • Does it feel like nothing is going right and you have little to look forward to?

  • Do you dread Monday mornings because of a dead-end job that always has you wanting and waiting for the weekend?

  • Are you feeling apathetic or complacent in what should be a very special relationship?

  • Have you found school or your circle of friends boring and unfulfilling?

  • Are you just tired of always feeling tired?

Happiness is a muscle that must be exercised! You have to keep working at it in order to become and stay Happy. With practice,it gets easier and easier every day. Remember, you are up against Anger, Fear, and Sadness. Falling into and getting trapped in these emotions is easy. Your Happiness is outnumbered 3 to 1!

You’ve got to learn to fight back!

The Path to Happiness isn't easy, but the Destination is well worth the Journey! It is a road paved with optimism, gratitude, humility, and a few more distinctions that I'd like to share with you.

I am thrilled and excited to share stories, games, and exercises intended to start you on your path to leading a life filled with joy and happiness. Let me help you get the life that you deserve and give you the opportunity to share these ideas with others. Let's MasterHappiness together!

Marty is an artist, writer, poet, philosopher, inventor, father, and friend. A euphoric optimist, persistently pursuing his passion of helping hundreds harness their happiness.

An award-winning Public Speaker, Storyteller, and Professional Life Coach, Marty enjoys speaking with adults and children alike, helping them Master Happiness by uncovering their Inner Passion.

“My extraordinary life has had its share of hard times but has been so much easier than so many others. I have lived, what I believe to be, a charmed life by adopting a mindset that brings me to happiness. This happiness comes from continually looking at every situation in many different ways until I find my silver-lining.


I hope that I can help you find yours.”


Chicago, Il

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