Eat the

BACON today!

You are not


a tomorrow.


To better help you explain the Coronavirus to your kids, I created this coloring page that you can work on together.

It's filled with tips to keep them informed and hopefully will help make this experience a little less scary.


Fun with you Face!

Download this fun game to play with your Family and Friends!



When my daughter, Katie was about 4 and half years old, she asked me, "Daddy, why don't you write a Children's Book!"

You see, I loved telling her stories and drawing pictures for her, but never published anything. My daughter's faith in me, inspired me to go after my dream.

I published my very first Children's book "Bacon's Bakin' BACON!" on her birthday.

...19 years later.

I procrastinated and put off finishing this book for too many years. This experience taught me how to discover and define my dreams and how to go after them. There is no reason to wait.

I can't go back 19 years and replay MY life. But as a Motivational Storyteller, Public Speaker, and Trainer, I can work with you to make sure that you don't make the same mistakes I did.

BACON the Pig is a constant reminder to me to "Eat the BACON today, you are not promised a tomorrow!"

Bacon's Bakin' Bacon

The story of BACON (Clarence) and his pursuit for the perfect Baking Bacon. 

This tongue-twisting tale is an adventure for young and old.

Available at Amazon CLICK HERE

Wilbur's Waffle Wagon

See what happens when Wilbur wanders into Beacon Bay trying to sell his waffles door-to-door. This funny fable is part of the ongoing adventures of BACON and his friends.

Coming Soon

BACON, The Lucky Locksmith

True Love is not always your first pick. Who will free Gristle from her incredible incarceration? Sometimes asking for help is harder than you think.

Coming Soon


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