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Are you looking for an inspirational speaker to energize your team or event?


Enter Marty Jalove of Master Happiness – one of the most enthusiastic, energetic and humorous motivational speaker around. He has a knack for reminding us that we are all on the path towards happiness at work, in relationships, and in our lives as a whole. With his emotional stories of success and failure, wit-filled humour and desire to help people find their purpose, Marty is sure to make your team or event lighthearted yet meaningful.


More than just a great public speaker - Marty will provide guidance with his expertise in focus, fulfillment and fun. His coaching can teach small businesses, teams and individuals how reconnecting with their “inner BACON” can bestow them with meaningful growth strategies that they may never have considered before!

Take advantage of this opportunity now - book Marty Jalove from Master Happiness before someone else does!

Everyone could use a little more energy, motivation, and joy in their life.


It's hard to find the right balance between work and the things that really make us feel fulfilled.

We strive to be our best selves, but it's tough when you're feeling stuck in an uninspired rut. You want to feel alive and energized again, but don't know how to get there.


Master Happiness' Marty Jalove is here with the answer! His keynote addresses will inspire your team, while his coaching focuses on reconnecting to your truest self and realigning with your purpose. With Marty, you'll find focus, fulfillment, and fun - guaranteed.

It's time to choose your next Speaker!


  Selecting the right speaker for your next event can be one of the most challenging decisions you will make this year. Content, energy, and ability to connect to an audience are all important factors to consider. Marty Jalove has been customizing and delivering powerful and impactful presentations in person and virtually for over 20 years!


​  What makes Marty Jalove different from other strategy, growth, and transformation speakers is that he is a “next-level” enthusiastic Keynote Speaker and Presenter with the ability to restructure hard-to-understand ideas, thoughts, and concepts in an engaging manner ensuring improved comprehension that DRIVES YOUR MESSAGE HOME!

Your audience has been sleeping for too long...LET'S WAKE THEM UP!

Marty is an active listener with the ability to hear needs and desires, bring clarity, then gently nudge people in the right direction. As a highly self-motivated team player, Marty will inspire your team to achieve your desired goals.

Focused, passionate, and energized about coaching, Marty loves zigging while watching other speakers zag.

The first step will consist of a short interview to determine your needs. Together you will form a strategy to address the challenges facing your organization. During this phase you will see that Marty Jalove is an innovative problem solver, able to see and act upon opportunities for creation and development of exciting, customized messages. Every keynote that Marty Jalove delivers is DIFFERENT – written and presented to over-deliver on impact, value, and drive meaningful change.


Marty Jalove is an International Business and Life Coach. A euphoric optimist, persistently pursuing his passion of helping hundreds harness happiness.


The list of his speaking awards includes the coveted Toastmasters International Speech Championship, and multiple Humorous and Impromptu Speech Contest wins.


Marty enjoys connecting with groups, teams, and individuals, hoping to help them discover their “inner BACON” …their Passion, Mission, and Evolution! Then, teach them how to explode with excitement in their education, relationships, career, business, and every aspect of their lives.


Let's talk about how we can make your next event SIZZLE!

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