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Hi, I’m Marty Jalove with Master Happiness.

How are you doing today?

I mean, how are you REALLY doing today?


We are faced with Anger, Sadness, and Fear every day. That means that Happiness is outnumbered 3 to 1.


Sometimes life seems unfair, boring, and it’s often hard to get motivated.

But there are plenty of exciting Paths of Happiness all around you. You just need to know how to find them and get back on them.

  • Are you unhappy or feel unfulfilled with your place in the world?
    Let’s get you back in touch with your Inner Bacon, your passion!

  • Has your career become just a job and lost its excitement?
    Maybe it’s time for a change in direction, appreciation, or approach!

  • Have you moved personal relationships to the back burner?
    Give your communication skills a boost!

  • Are you searching for your purpose in life?
    It’s been right in front of you the whole time!


We tend to let Anger, Fear, and Sadness win because it’s easy. But fighting for Happiness is so much more rewarding. I believe that Happiness is a muscle that must be exercised in order to grow. It’s a fun workout that is quickly addictive and changes everything about your life.

As a Motivational Public Speaker, Storyteller, and Coach, I'd like to help you grow as an individual so that you can Master Happiness.


Only you can define what really makes you Happy. And once you do that, the rest can be pretty easy.


Search your soul and ask yourself,

  • "What are the things that make me jump out of bed in the morning?"

  • "What do I want to do TODAY?"

  • "What is going to put a smile on my face?"

  • "What can I do to put a smile on someone else's face?"

Make a full list of EVERYTHING that you Love, everything that brings you Joy.

Once done, let's talk about your next step.

Names are hidden for client confidentiality.

“Getting the chance to talk to Marty Jalove this morning was the motivation and inspiration that I needed.  Friends like him are things people should value the most.  Thanks, Marty!”


“Working with Marty has been a joy. He helped me to discover my brand and bring more precision to my overall message. His expertise in marketing, sales and speaking has made the process simple and highly effective. Marty has a light-hearted and warm approach which gave plenty of space for creativity and exploration but also allowed for gentle redirection when I wanted to implement an idea that has been proven to be ineffective. Through only a few sessions, we were able to delve into my core and return with not only the essence of my message but also a logo that amplified it. He is indeed an optimistic problem solver! Thanks Marty!”


“When facing a tough decision about changing jobs, I sat with Marty for about an hour. He helped me chart out my thoughts and feelings and in the end my decision was easy. He showed me how to step away from the stress and put me back on the right path. Thank you.”


“I have known Marty for about 6 months his ability of combining humor, emotions and enthusiasm is remarkable. He speaks from his heart and gives great emphasis to emotions which makes him a very genuine and reliable speaker. I have always admired him for his qualities. He has inspired me and coached me to do the same in my speaking technique. I always seek his input because his suggestions have always guided me to be a better speaker and above all to be who you are and that gives you real happiness. Thank You Marty!!!”


“Confused and frustrated in my current job. Marty gave me a “homework” assignment and then we sat and talked about what brought me joy and what my skills were. I am still in a transitional phase of my life, but I am so glad I gained additional clarity chatting with Marty.”


“Marty’s workshops are full of fun and with lots of tips that we can use in daily communication. He encourages everyone to practice, is always positive, and gives constructive feedback. His workshop is one of the most important reasons that I come to these events. Thank you, Marty!”


“Marty, you are such a blessing. I have gotten so many good ideas and tips from you on applying different emotions, use big beginning, and vocal varieties in my speeches. Your creativity and your passion in sharing your wisdom with others are truly appreciated!”


We enjoy your workshops as they are always full of great tips and practicing opportunities. Most of all, you make learning a fun experience.”



Ask me about the on-going

group or personalized training.



I have been in a number of relationships with people and companies. I have found that being good at one has always helped me be good at the other.

Take advantage of my many years experience as Manager, Mentor, Trainer, Coach, Father, and Friend. I will show you the shortcuts needed to quickly get to where you want to go.

Let's do a quick phone call or meet for a cup of coffee for a no obligation conversation. 

Let's see if I am the right person to help you achieve that dream.


FREE Worksheet Download

CLICK HERE to download a

FREE Sample of the many worksheets that are used throughout the Master Happiness Career and Life Coaching.

Here are just a few ideas that Marty Jalove would love to talk about with you. All classes and consultations are private so that you can feel at ease discussing your personal goals. Prepare to be engaged by interesting stories, voluntary role-playing, worksheets, and a lot of fun. You will quickly find out that working with Marty is always a no-pressure, hands-on activity that will get you laughing while exploring your future.

What's your BACON?

What gets you up in the morning?

What are your Monday mornings like? Do you look for excuses to avoid life, work, school, or relationships? Discover your PASSION and rewrite the road map of your life. Start looking forward to each and every day with new opportunities to do the things that you love. You were meant to be Happy. Let’s start making it happen! 


Personal Branding

Where do you swim?

Do you swim where you can be seen or are you an overlooked hard-worker, too deep to be noticed? Unfortunately, doing a great job isn't good enough to get you to where you want to be. Learn how to stand out among your competitors. And YES, everyone around you is competing with you in one way or another.

Branding yourself does more than just get you noticed. It helps get you on the right path.

The BIG Interview!

Be prepared for what they are going to ask you.

How should you dress? How should you sit? What should you do and what shouldn't you do?

What are the most common Interview questions and what are the best ways to answer them?

Get prepared for that important interview with pointers from an award-winning speaker and sales professional who has reviewed and interviewed 100's of applicants not unlike you.

Your Elevator Pitch

Make a Connection in under a minute!

Stop talking about the weather. You may only have moments to make a lasting impression when you run into your current or future boss, the potential love of your life, or an intriguing stranger. Learn how to quickly find links that establishes the opportunities for future conversations and connections. 


It's my turn to talk!

Tired of standing against the wall,but don’t know what to say?

Preparing for a presentation, a speech, or a toast can be intimidating. Learn how to master the skills you need to stand up in front of a crowd or just feel more at ease in a crowded room.Start interesting conversations that engage. Become the person that people want to hear.

Sizzling Storytelling

Illustrate your messages with Amazing Stories

We all have moments in our lives that we will never forget. They are the emotional stories that make imprints on our minds and stay with us forever.

If you have something important to say, whether speaking one-on-one or to a crowd, let me show you how to tie your thoughts and passionate stories together so that you and your message will always be remembered.


Circles of a Solid Relationship

Grow Together on Different Paths

Do you spend too much time talking about or listening to, “What’s in it for me?”
Are you drowning in a one-sided relationship?

Discover how to start dialogues about desires while learning to listen and hear. These techniques are perfect for your family life as well as your work life.


Ask me about the on-going

group or personalized training.


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