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7 Skills of the Ideal Employee

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Team building not only strengthens trust among team members but cultivates collaboration, resilience to challenges, and ultimately drives lasting success. Whether you are looking to add new team members or just want to create a strong culture within your long-time group, understanding how to grow as a successful team unit is essential today.

Let’s take a closer look at 7 Skills your Ideal Employees, Managers, and you should possess.

Questioning and Listening

We all know how important effective communication is in helping us get ahead in life, yet so few of us are taught how to ask questions and use active listening. Asking the right questions can open an entire world of different perspectives, while active listening allows for clear understanding between the speaker and listener. Whether at work or in our personal lives, honing these key skills will help paint a clearer picture of the situation at hand and lead to more successful interactions.

Through playing games and participating in activities that rely on quick thinking and collaboration with others, Improv enables us to hone listening skills needed for success both personally and professionally. With active listening at its core, Improv can teach us how to be open-minded problem solvers when engaging with peers, employers, and colleagues alike.

Empathy, Connection, and Trust

In a world that is rapidly changing and evolving, where fast decision-making and cutting corners have become the norm, it's essential for employers to remember that some of the most important components of a successful business includes empathy, connection, and trust. To maintain an enjoyable and productive work environment for employees we need to prioritize building meaningful relationships between managers and subordinates so we can all work together towards collective goals. These three values are essential in creating a positive culture where everyone feels comfortable, respected, understood, and supported - qualities that will ultimately propel your team towards greatness!

Improv training can teach us many valuable lessons about trust, empathy, and connecting that influence our relationships both at home and in the workplace. From learning how to be quick on our feet in difficult situations to developing a strong sense of self-awareness, we can all benefit from exploring the world of improvisation. From making creative connections with others, to becoming better listeners and understanding emotions on a deeper level – improvisation can teach us all how to be more trustworthy and empathetic.

Motivation and Resilience

It is essential that we all develop the skills necessary to push ourselves forward and stay focused on achieving results. Self-motivation not only gives us the power to keep going when we are tired or overwhelmed but it can also help increase our job satisfaction by enabling us to take control of situations and make positive changes. Additionally, developing resilience helps employees navigate stressful moments like unexpected changes or challenging projects more calmly with greater confidence and energy. Self-motivation helps employees stay focused on their goals and guides them consistently along the path towards achieving them; while resilience allows employees to ‘bounce back’ when faced with obstacles and unexpected challenges.

Not only is Improv fun and interactive, but it also provides an incredible opportunity for learning more about us. By stepping into the mindset of improvisation and embracing challenges through playfulness and collaboration, you'll gain powerful insight on how to become more motivated and resilient every day.


Why wait? Join an improv class today or set up team training for your people and start seeing results immediately!

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Clara Arbiser
Clara Arbiser
Jun 17

I recommend him wholeheartedly, great motivator, funny , and knowledgeable. His presentations are epic! After attended his event I felt that I received an injection of joy, and ready to keep on working. ( I was thinking about retiring) but I felt that having a purpose is worthwhile, and provides me joy.

Clara Arbiser

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