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Allow yourself to be Happy with BACON!

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It seems that some people are never happy. They live with a permanent dark cloud over their head. They not only believe that the glass is half full, but they believe that the water in the glass is probably no good either.

There are a number of reasons why people lean towards doom and gloom. It could be out of comfort, fear, or guilt. Maybe they grew up in a family filled with negativity, where feeling bad was accepted and expected. Maybe they are afraid that happiness won’t last so it is viewed as a frivolous waste of time. Others look towards their past or the world around them and feel that it’s just not right to smile when so many others have it so difficult.

It has been my experience that happiness is all about the moment. It is about finding some joy, some little bit of happiness that hangs in the sidelines of every occasion. It will not always be perfect. That glass will never be full. It’s about being grateful for having the glass and that you have at least a half glass of water to put in it.

We will constantly and consistently be bombarded by reasons to be sad, angry, and afraid. It is up to us, and only us to fight for the happiness that we deserve.

It is about understanding that it could always be better, but it can also always be worse. If it's been a while since you showed that smile, listen in on this week's show. We'll try to get you grinning again.

I am asking you; I’m begging you, step out of your comfort zone. Take a break from what’s bringing you down and at least TRY to find a little happiness.

Here is what to expect when you start fighting for Happiness

B – Bring on the guilt

A – Anxiety tells us to quit

C – Challenges will seem unbeatable

O – Oftentimes it comes with hurt

N – Negativity will feel comfortable

And here are some of the steps that you must take to get there.

B – Believe that you can be Happy

A – Accountability Buddies can help

C – Choose Happiness when you can.

O – Observe the patterns

N – Negotiate with yourself

The first step to letting yourself experience happiness might just be listening to this episode. If you can’t catch us Monday Night Live, follow the podcast and find a reason to smile.

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