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Meant, Said, and Heard

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could put all of our thoughts into the words needed so that those who heard what we said, knew exactly what we meant?

We have so much to say, so many feelings to express, and ideas to share. Unfortunately, we cannot always come up with the precise words necessary to get others to understand what is going on in our head. Usually enough of your message gets across and enough is all that is needed. But sometimes the message is important to us, to the listener, or to others and it needs to be heard and understood.

Sometimes we must say something or hear something multiple times in multiple ways before the message is finally conveyed correctly.

There is no simple solution, only understanding.

· Know your audience.

· Appreciate that “not understanding” and “misunderstandings” can happen.

· Realize that you may not be able to articulate your message effectively all of the time.

· Recognize that the listener may not be able to comprehend your message the first time.

· Be open to confirming your thoughts by asking questions and turning lectures into conversations.

· As a listener, take an active role in these conversations and reach out for more clarity.

Understanding and acknowledging the difference between what you “Meant” to say, what you “Say”, and what they “Hear” helps you travel down the path to #MasterHappiness.

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