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Nothing to laugh at.

It's contest season again at Toastmasters and I am so proud and excited to come out of the gate grinning and winning. There are so many remarkable speakers in this incredible organization. Winning is not an easy task and as soon as you forget that, you have lost the whimsy and wonderment of this organization.

My stomach still churns and turns before I step up to the microphone. Some say that it is too much bacon in my belly, but the reality is that the opportunities to share my thoughts still excites me from the core.

I truly believe that you can learn so much more from losing than from winning and you learn nothing at all from not trying. I want to keep reaching and yearning and teaching and learning, but I also want to keep winning too.

I hope that everyone keeps searching for and finding those opportunities, in their lives, that can bring them real happiness.

Winning the Humorous Speech Contest is a very special honor for me. I believe that it is necessary for all of us to make a serious commitment to help others smile, giggle, and grin whenever we can. It is one of the most important things that we can do for each other.

It's nothing to laugh at.

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