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There is a fantastic, fulfilling feeling when we feel that we fit in. We want to be accepted, acknowledged, and appreciated. We want to be part of something bigger than us.

But sometimes the desire to be included clouds our judgement and we get coaxed into deciding to do things that we otherwise might not have done.

There are many reasons to follow the herd; right versus wrong, what we see and what were shown. Whether pushed or pulled, whatever you think that you must do to fit in, trust me, you probably don’t!

Join us as we put the pressure back on PEER PRESSURE with BACON!

B – Believe your gut A – Alternate Ideas C – Consider the results O – Opposing Argument N – NO is a Powerful Word!

if that doesn't work...

B – Buddy System A – Avoid Situations C – Create an Exit Plan O – Other people can help, you’re not alone N – Now walk away

Kids are faced with pressure to question their beliefs on #Attire, #Cheating, #Exclusion, #Risks, #Alcohol, #Drugs, #Shoplifting, #Sex, #Bullying, #Cyberbullying, and #Cyberlying!

To help their kids, parents must #SMILE!

S - Support them

M - Model good behavior

I - Inspire them to make smart choices

L - Listen to them, and

E - Empathize!

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