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Speaking at NICOR

Today I had the privilege of being the Keynote Speaker at a special meeting at NICOR.

I spoke about the fact that you can get inspired by the little things in life...a pencil.

Something so simple, so overlooked can inspire you to be your best.

  • A pencil is yellow, it reminds us to slow down and appreciate everything around us.

  • A pencil reminds us to keep on trying even if we don't always take first place. After all, if being #2 is okay for a pencil, it's okay for me too.

  • A dull pencil still writes but can always be sharpened.

  • And the eraser (the opportunity to admit we were wrong) is even bigger than the point (the ideas we hold so dear).

Be willing to change the way you think.

Treasure the little things in life.

...and if you'd like to hear more, pencil me in!

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