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The Problem

Too often, in life, we are surrounded by ANGER, FEAR, and SADNESS! We are beat down by the negativity of the world around us. We allow ourselves to be controlled by these harmful emotions. And these emotions, if not confronted, can lead to depression and anxiety and start affecting all aspects of our lives.

  • Do you or your employees dread Mondays, always wanting and waiting for the weekend?

  • Are you feeling apathetic or complacent in what should be a very special job or relationship?

  • Have you found your career, classes, or your circle of friends boring and unfulfilling?

  • Are you just tired of always feeling tired?

  • Does it sometimes feel like nothing is going right and you have little to look forward to?

The Solution

Happiness is a muscle that must be exercised! You have to keep working at it in order to become and stay Happy. With practice,it gets easier and easier every day. Remember, you are up against Anger, Fear, and Sadness. Falling into and getting trapped in these emotions is easy. Your Happiness is outnumbered 3 to 1!

You’ve got to learn to fight back!

The Path to Happiness isn't easy, but the journey is well worth your time! It is a road paved with optimism, gratitude, humility, and a few more ideas that I'd love to share with you.

“Marty owns the room through his presentations and speeches. His presence lights up an audience with his positive energy and the way he connects with each person. I believe Marty is a force of nature who inspires many of us to follow our passions and accomplish our dreams. Thank you, Marty!”

-Aude Wilkins, Trades of Hope

“I was privileged to partner with Marty on multiple events and was moved by his personality, charisma, and willingness to help those that need it most. As a renowned speaker, coach, and trainer Marty has a unique way of inspiring people by bringing his incredible personality and humor. You must know Marty the way I do to understand the true purpose of Marty's life. Should you need a speaker for your next main event don't doubt hiring Marty! You won't regret it, I guarantee!”

-Reach Peak, The John Maxwell Team

“Marty Jalove is walking energy, engagement and essential coaching abilities!”

ImprovTalk, Inc

“Marty is a one-of-a-kind edu-tainer! With a heart full of love and passion to support others, he walks his talk and always delivers ; )”

Edu-Tainment / Dragon Soup Productions

“Desperately needed creative marketing is high on demand today. Marty's ability to see answers in challenging situations develop into spectacular presentations and workshops. He doesn't wait until there are problems to be solved, he sees highly creative ideas of what to say, what is needed to be seen, and what paths to journey on in development of success.

He will grab your attention, hold it for the entire presentation, leaving you with new lessons learned, new directions to take, and a huge amount of positive energy.”

Stella Lorens, DTM3, Immediate Past District Director, DISTRICT 30

Marty Jalove Master Happiness

I am thrilled and excited to share stories, games, and exercises intended to get you and YOUR team energized, excited, and enthused about YOUR message.

Let's get your team pumped-up!
Let's Drive your Message Home!

Let's Master Happiness TOGETHER!

Who is Marty Jalove?

Happiness Instigator, Communication Coach, and Master of Human Connection

From the moment Marty Jalove chooses to step on a stage, walk into a boardroom, or simply interact with others, one thing becomes abundantly clear: Marty is on a mission to help the world discover the secrets to happiness, success, and fulfillment. With a unique blend of charisma, expertise, and personal experience, Marty has made it his life's work to create powerful connections, inspire change, and unlock the potential in others.

The Marty Jalove Difference: Inspiring Happiness, Empowering Others

What sets Marty apart from others in his field is his unique, multifaceted approach to happiness, personal development, and professional growth, built on a foundation of genuine care and insight. He believes in empowering others through the mastery of three crucial elements: communication, self-discovery, and continuous growth.

Marty's core values and work ethics revolve around fostering genuine connections, understanding individual needs, and providing tailored solutions that lead to personal and professional transformation.

A Background Built on Brilliance

Marty Jalove's journey towards becoming an award-winning speaker and international business and life coach began with an impressive foundation in sales and marketing management, where he accumulated over 20 years of experience. Marty's ability to connect with people and drive powerful, transformative results led him to master the fine arts of communication and selling oneself effortlessly.

As a highly-regarded member of the Chicago Area Mensa, Marty's intellectual prowess is paired with his innate ability to influence, uplift, and guide others on their path to success. His dynamic career has even taken him to the airwaves, where he hosts the radio show and podcast, "Bacon Bits with Master Happiness."

Marty Jalove Master Happiness

Looking to the Future with Optimism and Resolve

As Marty continues to expand his mission and impact, he remains steadfast in his pursuit of enlightenment and happiness for others. His future goals include growing his radio and podcast reach, inspiring and transforming more businesses, and sharing his skills and expertise with an even broader audience. With unwavering enthusiasm for the human spirit and the power of change, Marty is well on the way to truly mastering happiness – and helping others do the same.

Honoring the Journey

Marty's journey is a showcase of his many talents and passions, which include being an artist, writer, poet, philosopher, inventor, father, and friend. His leadership and infectious optimism have made him a sought-after motivational speaker for associations, organizations, and small businesses looking to improve their teams' dynamics.

As an improv comedy instructor and team-building coach, Marty harnesses the power of laughter and self-expression to create stronger, unified teams. His commitment to helping people discover their potential is exemplified through his work as the founder of Master Happiness, a platform where he guides individuals and businesses on their journey to finding focus, feeling fulfilled, and having fun.

Happiness • Inspiration • Creativity

• Empathy • Integrity •

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Master Happiness with Marty Jalove
Master Happiness with Marty Jalove
Master Happiness with Marty Jalove

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