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a simple life with BACON!

I gotta do this! I gotta do that! I need this! I need that!

All this running and where is it getting you? Maybe it's time to slow down just a little bit. Reassess what is important in life; what is important to us, not society. Take a deep breath and enjoy where your journey has already taken you and choose your next step wisely.

There are many forces that are pulling and pushing us in directions where we may not really want to go. Let’s not allow ourselves to become a slave to someone else’s wishes. It’s tough to live in a nation of accumulation and a country of consumers. Once we dip our toes into the bog of buying, it’s difficult to come back out. We get stuck in the web of wants and the goo of greed.

Find peace of mind in simplicity.

B – Be aware of your WHY. Why do we do what we do? Why do we buy what we buy?

A – Appreciate the little things and slow down. Meditate or just go for a walk.

C – Consider time away from electronic media. Read a real book.

O – One step at a time. So may changes may seem overwhelming. Start with one.

N – Needs over Wants. NEEDS can be satisfied. WANTS seem to always be out of reach.

Define the difference between a need and a want. Then take time to uncover the why of those wants.

Unsure of the difference? Use “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs” to help determine what you actually need. You will find that your WANTS dwell somewhere in the specifics.

Physiological and Basic human survival needs include food and water, sufficient rest, clothing, shelter, health, and reproduction.

Safety needs include feeling protected from violence and theft, emotional stability, and health and financial security.

Love and belonging needs include the need for friendship and family.

Self-Esteem needs include self-respect (value and dignity) and self-esteem (confidence).

Self-actualization needs include education, skill development.

Join us as we contemplate compilation and reconnect with the reasons we're here.

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