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Bacon will listen, when no one else will

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We’ve all got ideas, thoughts, and dreams. But we don’t always have someone who is interested in listening to them. It can be gut-wrenching, when we start to share our story and watch our audience look away.

Are they distracted, am I failing to keep their attention, or, EEK, am I just boring?

Most people want to connect with other people that share their beliefs. They want confirmation that their way of thinking is correct. Even when seeking knowledge, we tend to look for and accept thoughts that match our own ideology.

When we know little about a subject, we are more willing to listen to and learn from someone that is credible and trustworthy. Credibility and trust can be earned with logic, emotion, and morality.

So, no one is listening to you? Let’s start with some self-assessment.

  • People don’t want to hear whining and constant complaining. They tend to avoid people who are always negative. Try to create more solutions and happy endings

  • No one wants to be cornered by a self-centered braggart, who is always right. Share some of your failures and allow others to be the hero occasionally.

  • Are you constantly babbling with no apparent end or point to your stories? Are you boring your audience? What is the goal for your conversation? Is it to persuade, inform, or entertain?

  • Have you lost all credibility because of your constant exaggeration or lies? You don’t have to fabricate stories for the sake of conversation.

  • Lastly, everyone wants to feel heard. Are you a good listener? Are you hearing what they are saying? Are you demonstrating that you care?

If you want to be heard, start by becoming a good listener.

B – Be attentive, be in the now, be present.

A – Ask questions, clarify what they are saying

C – Concentrate and strive to understand

O – Open your mind to new ideas

N – No Judgment while listening. Get the whole story first.

When you show you are willing to listen, you become someone worth listening to.

Listen in and you may pick up some insights on what you are doing right and what you might be doing wrong.

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