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Ponder, Prepare, and Perform

What do cooking meals, giving speeches, and asking young ladies to dance all have in common?

You’ve got to Ponder, Prepare, and Perform in order to succeed.

PONDER refers to thinking your idea through. Is this a good idea? Is this what I want to do? Is this something that I can do or am able to learn how to do? Why am I doing this?

Too often we do things without thinking them through. If we are lucky, it works out. If we are not so lucky, it doesn’t.

It’s through pondering our passions that we determine our individual paths to happiness.

PREPARE refers to getting ready. Practicing so that you can anticipate every outcome and problem before they appear. Preparation is about gathering the tools and knowledge you need to get the job done. You owe it to your audience and yourself to prepare so that you can do the best job possible. Too often we start something, before we are ready, without any practice, and that can lead to poor performance or even failure. How can you create a gourmet meal without ingredients, cookware, and some knowledge of cooking?

Lastly, and maybe the most important is to PERFORM.

Have you ever set out to do something, rehearsed it over and over again, just to back down at the last minute?

The fear of failure or embarrassment can make you run away or not deliver your full potential.

maybe it’s asking for a raise,

maybe it’s jumping off the high dive,

maybe it’s the difference between scrambled eggs and a quiche,

maybe it’s speaking in front of a crowd,

or maybe it’s just telling someone how you feel about them.

If you PONDER the idea and it’s right for you, PREPARE by practicing and anticipating every outcome. When all that is done, PERFORM with everything in your heart.

Dance like no one is watching,

dare to enjoy your life,

live with no regrets,

and do what makes you sing!

Ponder, Prepare, and Perform and you will Master Happiness!

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