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Selfish, Selfless, and Shellfish

I couldn’t have been much older than 12 as I sat in front of a heavenly heap of Popcorn Shrimp that I piled onto MY plate, all by myself, at the Seafood Buffet. I could barely see over this breathtaking bounty of breaded beauty that was on its way to my belly.

My brother asked if he could try just one.

I growled, “NO!”

These were mine, I scooped them up, I carried them to the table, and I was going to eat them ALL BY MYSELF!

“Get your own!” was my answer.

After swooping in on seconds, my brother and I raced back to the table with the very last of these crispy crustaceans.

But then it happened…

I slipped!

I fell!

I watched my plentitude of palate-pleasing prawns pop off my plate!

As they flew across the floor, I realized that they were gone forever.

But it was at that moment that I discovered the difference between selfishness and selflessness.

My brother said, “Don’t worry, you can have some of mine.”

As we sat in front of OUR now shared shrimp, I noticed that he seemed to get more happiness out of my smile than the taste of this tremendous treat. And my smile got even bigger.

We are not alone in the world. We’re all part of a family, whether they are chosen by us or for us. If you must be selfish, and we all are, be selfish for the feeling that you get when you help those around you. You’ll find that that is a wonderful way to Master Happiness.

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