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By Atria Senior Living, Inc.

#Atria makes some of the most wonderful box sets of Story Cards to help get conversations started with young and old.

As our parents age they need to feel valued and appreciated. The greatest gift that we can give them is to listen to their stories and the lessons that they have learned. But sometimes getting the conversation started is difficult. Maybe you feel like they are telling the same stories over and over again. You get bored, but worse, your expression and attitude shows them that you are bored.

#StoryWise gives you random questions to ponder and discuss. These cards make you think about the past and the future. They can ignite memories and emotional stories that are the first steps to wonderful conversations.

But I have found that these cards are equally incredible to share with my friends, my children, and the children that I teach.

I encourage you to pull out a card at the dinner table.

So many people seem to not know how to start great conversations with their kids. These cards start the conversation for you.

Start with a short answer, wait for a reply, and then continue your thoughts. Let everyone at the table have a crack at your question. Soon they’ll be asking for more.

Conversations are sometimes a lost art. We are so busy responding to a text or a post, we forget how to talk to the people in front of us. Teach your kids how to talk to you so that they’ll know how to talk to the rest of the world.

Here's an example:

“Will people laugh more or less in 100 years? Why?”

My fear is that people will be laughing alone.

Perhaps, at a picture or joke that they read on some type of communication device. Maybe we will be holding it in our hand or maybe it will be implanted in our head. We seem to be heading down a path of silent solidarity, only sharing specific emotions to the masses.

“Look at how wonderful my life is!”

“I really HATE _______!”


“Nothing ever goes right for me!”

These are not real conversations. And I’m afraid that our children and our children’s children won’t know how to really converse.

This answer has the opportunity to spark some great conversations about what your kids might be going through. And it might be the curiosity of these questions that gets them to open up to you.

See where the conversations can take you.

Go to: and pick up a box of stories.

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