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The 5 Love Languages of BACON

Based on the work of #GaryChapman, author of the 5 Love Languages, let’s look at the 5 Love Languages of BACON and get ourselves prepared for Valentine’s Day. How someone anticipates and needs to feel love may be different and more important than the ways that we express and give love.

Do you prefer a present or a pat on the back? Would you rather a kind conversation or a cup of Kahlua and coffee? We all anticipate and generate gratitude in slightly different ways. And based on how we want to be acknowledged and appreciated, we give thanks and recognition in a similar fashion. But that may not necessarily be the way that everyone wants to be loved.

Bacon improves everything that it touches. It makes a great gift every time and it takes time to make it. I could talk about it for hours, but I’d rather share it with someone I love.

How do you love being loved and love giving love?

B – Beautiful words. Have you said, “I love you” lately?

A – Acts of service. Doing a little something extra without being asked and not waiting for a “Thank You” can mean the world to someone.

C – Couple minutes of your time. We have a finite amount of time in our life. Giving some to someone special is priceless.

O – Offering a hug or holding hands reminds people that they are loved.

N – Nice things wrapped in fancy paper with a bow puts surprise in their eyes!

Listen in on these lessons of love, the ones that you love will love what you learn.

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