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This is YOUR Year!

OMG! What an incredible year to be Alive! What an incredible year to Dream! This is YOUR year to make those dreams come true.

The year is 2020! You can't ask for a clearer sign that this is the year of VISION! Decide what it is that you want to do and make it come true this year. No more clouded thoughts, no more indecisive destinations, no more uncertain goals. Set your path and go after it. This is the year that you will see your destiny come true.

This is the Year of the Rat! The Rat used his cunning and wit to win the Great Race. He relied on the generous help of others and took first place. You can do the same. Ask for help when you need it. Reach out for guidance and assistance. Conquer your fears and win your race.

The Groundhog predicted and Early Spring! Spring signifies rebirth and growth. Your transformation is coming early this year! Start TODAY. Don't let procrastination slow you down. Find the sun between the gray clouds and grow, Grow, GROW!

It's a Leap Year! You were given the gift of ONE MORE DAY! So often, we say that we can't accomplish our desires because we don't have enough time. That can't be your excuse this year. You are give an extra 24 hours, an extra 1,440 minutes. What are you going to do with that extra time? Use it, savor it, take advantage of it! It is a gift for you to own!


Super Bowl LIV! It was Super Bowl 54, Roman Numeral LIV! Everything about this year is telling you to LIVE!

Live your Dreams! The universe is shouting to you that this is the year that they come true! This is the year that you Master Happiness!

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