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Hi, I’m Marty Jalove with Master Happiness. Let’s take a closer look and dissect your business. Specifically, your Sales and Marketing Plan.

How do you stand out? How are you different than your competition? What is your brand? What made you fall in love with what you do?

Marty Jalove is an enthusiastic speaker and presenter with the ability to restructure hard-to-understand ideas, thoughts, and concepts in an engaging manner with improved comprehension.

With over 30 years of experience in Sales and Marketing, Marty is a specialist in the planning of innovative and integrated marketing plans including market analyses, goal and budget determination, action plan development,

support materials, program creation, online and

direct marketing strategy design and plan evaluation.

Marty Jalove gets incredible joy from training and helping people find their "AHA! Moment"


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9 Steps to Marketing your BACON!

  • How do you stand out?

  • How are you different than your competition?

  • What is your brand?

  • What made you fall in love with what you do?

  • Do you know what makes me different?

I don’t give the same “cookie-cutter” marketing advice to every business that I help.

Every business has unique needs. I want to know more about your Offering, your Customers, your Competition, and most importantly, your Inner BACON! (your passion). That “THING” that makes you UNIQUE!

  • You are a Professional and have spent years perfecting your skills.

  • What do you do now?

  • Do your potential customers really know what makes you Sizzle?

  • Do your current customers know about everything in your Pan?


Success in Marketing does not have to be a mystery.

  • Where are tomorrow’s customers coming from?

  • What are you doing to keep current customers close?

  • How are you turning leads and referrals into prospects, and prospects into loyal customers?


Learn to promote your skills and separate yourself from the pack. Let’s discuss Goals and Growth, Balance and Budgets, Strategies and Social Media. I teach Virtual Hands-On Classes and all attendees walk away armed with the tools that they need to quickly and easily build a more successful business. With over 30 years of Sales and Marketing experience, I have helped 100’s of small business-owners grow their businesses, lessen stress, and fall in love with what they do, all over again. You have an Accountant that does your taxes, a Mechanic that tends to your vehicle. And now you have a Friend that’s going to guide you towards growth!


Are you ready to savor success?

Advertise your Sizzles!

It has been said that we buy what we WANT, and we justify it with what we NEED. A WANT is different than a NEED. A WANT is tied to an emotional desire. A yearning or craving for something that we may or may not need but satisfies us at a deeper level.


We may NEED transportation, but we WANT the red Ferrari.

We may NEED food, but we WANT a Steak and Ice Cream.

Advertising your business is all about promoting to your customers’ and potential customers’ WANTS!

  • What is the story that you tell your prospects and customers?

  • What does your logo say to them?

  • What does your brand sing?

  • What is your message and is it emotionally memorable?


You’ve got a great deal of competitors out there. Are they touching your customers’ hearts and minds? Are they inviting them to feel good about leaving you and doing business with them?


Whether you are selling yourself, a product, or a service, there are 6 reasons that people buy what you’re selling and 3 questions that you must answer in your ad!


These principals apply to print advertising, trade show signage, social media posts, email marketing, and every other way that you present yourself in front of your prospects and customers. In this class, we will evaluate your message, your method, and the vehicles you use to connect with your audience.


Prepare to learn how to Advertise your Sizzle!

PowerPoint Mastery

This 6-week class will include techniques, exercises, and practice in becoming a more confident speaker with the aid of PowerPoint. Attendees will leave with the tools necessary to create powerful and compelling presentations (with imagery and speech) that inform, persuade, and inspire.


Week 1: Me, You, We! In the first week we will discuss Personal Branding, Anticipating Objections, and Setting Goals. The purpose is to learn to put your own identity into your message so that it becomes real and more believable.

Week 2: The 5 Rs of Purpose Once our goal is established, it is time to create the plan that best gets us to the desired end.

Week 3: The 5 Cs of Persuasion We will learn the techniques of the greatest persuasive and influential speakers of all time. Understand the importance of Preparation and Practice before you Present.

Week 4: Storytelling with BACON People buy what they want and justify it with what they need. Learn how to make an Emotional Connection with your audience that pulls them in to your presentation.

Week 5: PowerPoint Form, Function, and Fun Now we concentrate on using the real power of PowerPoint to make our point. We will detail the Do’s and Don’ts of slides in order to win over your audience.

Week 6: Show and Tell It’s your turn to shine! In our final week, all participants will do a short 3-slide, 5-minute presentation followed by complete class evaluation.


Each week will include a balance of speaking and PowerPoint techniques. In the beginning, the concentration will be on developing proper content and becoming a confident speaker. As we progress, we will delve deeper into the use of PowerPoint, as a tool, to reinforce our message.


Class participation is expected for the greatest results and there will be worksheets and light homework every week. Ending with a final, polished presentation that will be created and given, by each student, in front of the class to be evaluated.

Here are just a few ideas that Marty Jalove would love to talk about with you and your team. All classes and presentations are customized to better meet your specific needs. Prepare to be engaged by interesting stories, voluntary role-playing, worksheets, and a lot of fun. All of Marty’s sessions are no-pressure hands-on events that will get you laughing while learning.

Reciprocal Selling

Reciprocal Selling is all about creating an environment where customers not only want to continue buying from you, but they want to encourage others to do the same.


It’s about creating iron-clad relationships that lock competition out. In this class, you will learn to identify your Personality-Type, your Sales-Type, and your Presentation-Type. You’ll be able to focus on your strengths and surround yourself with those who can fill in your gaps.

When you identify that YOUR solution is the right answer to THEIR problem you will be able to help your customers quickly overcome the 5 objections on their own. You will become more eager to make those calls and close sales as you uncover which of the 4 Sales Categories that your potential customers fall into.


The game will become fun again and your numbers will go up!

  • Search, Meet, Define - The first steps are initiating conversations that begin to narrow down your selection. Your time and their time is precious. Learn to quickly identify potential customers and paths to potential customers.

  • Authority - Be prepared to meet many Gatekeepers, Influencers, and Decision Makers along the way.

  • Need, Interest, Solution - The right solution for the right person at the right time does not always lead to a sale.

  • Competition - How do your strengths & weaknesses compare to the strengths & weaknesses of your competition?

  • Trust, Worth, Time - Learn to build credibility early on by becoming the expert in your field so that you can close when the timing is right.

  • Objections - If all is done correctly, you will have already answered all 5 objections. But be prepared to take a few steps backwards with confidence and questions.

  • Close, Over-Deliver, Referrals - Learn over 20 different ways to test-close and close sales. Then create an atmosphere where your new loyal customers will introduce you to more.

It's a give and take that ends with a Win-Win!


Winning @Social Media

Social Media is the natural evolution of conversation and communication. It can be used to entertain, inform, and persuade. Like all technology-based industries, Social Media is growing, changing, and evolving quicker than we can keep up with.


In this class you will learn how to identify the avenues best suited for your business goals. We will discuss the pros and cons of the available options and concentrate on the platforms most useful to your individual needs. We will uncover many of the ever-changing secrets, within these communities, and best-practices to get the most impact on pay-per-click and no-cost promotion.

  • How it All Works - Create intriguing content that is focused on your ideal customer. Promote it for the greatest reach, in order to attract visitors and convert them into leads and customers. But what is “intriguing” content? How do I pitch and promote my product, service, and brand? And how do I convert visitors?

  • Social Media and Search Optimization - These are your two strongest tools for getting prospects to find you. Done correctly, this is the equivalent of knocking on thousands of doors. But not just any doors, behind these doors are people that asked you to knock. Learn to crawl, walk, and run through this process and get it to work for you.

  • Content - What is your message and how do you want to sing and scream it? Should your message be delivered through word, imagery, or video? What are you trying to say and what are they hearing?

  • Your Path - There are so many different paths that you can take. Do you want to connect with individuals, families, businesses, all of them, or some very specific people? Each Social Media Community has it’s own audience, set of rules and protocols, and its own set of secrets. Let’s find the right path(s) for you and unlock those secrets.

  • Promotion - How quickly do you want to grow? Promotion is part of your Marketing Plan. And once that plan is written and your budget is created it is time to write, design, and execute your campaign. Learn how to get the most out of the promotional options that your path offers.

  • Research, Recreate, and Relaunch - You will quickly learn that the end of one campaign is actually the beginning of the next. It is important to analyze what worked, what didn’t, and what could work better. Test, and test, and try again. Marketing is a never-ending process. Social Media is just one of the many vehicles, available to you, in order to reach your goals.

You will "LIKE" what you learn here!


Ask me about the on-going

group or personalized training.


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