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Authority Figures and BACON!

We interact with Bosses, Teachers, Parents, Customers, Cops, and so many other Authority Figures in our day-to-day life. These are the people who take or are given a certain amount of power. In most circumstances, everything runs smoothly. But sometimes, we feel uneasy around these people. We hold back, we quiet down, we keep some of our opinions to ourselves. Sometimes we start getting anxious, sometimes we get reluctant. Whatever the reason, we allow our emotional state to take control.

Taking back control of our emotions comes from preparation, patience, and practice.

We will meet peers, those who we view as authority, and those of whom we have the authority over. Knowing how we will act and react in tough or questionable situations is what’s important.

When we interact with those in authority, we may hesitate because of a fear of being judged. Or maybe a fear of not being given a chance to share our thoughts, our side of the story.

It is easier to face those feelings in advanced rather than being blindsided and unprepared.

Join us as we talk about talking to those in power. Authority Figures and BACON!

B – Be confident

A – Avoid defensiveness

C – Concentrate on the issue, not the person

O – Observe the similarities, we’re all just people.

N – Need to be assertive? Or maybe not.

When it’s your turn to be in charge, learn from those who did it right and remember how they made you feel.

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