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Let’s go fly a Kite

I’m going to fly again this year. Mentally, physically, emotionally, and purposefully. And you can too.

Pig Flying Kite, Master Happiness with Marty Jalove

When I was younger, I loved going to the beach and flying kites over Lake Michigan. I flew the classic (cheap) wood-framed paper diamonds. They were about $1.50 and came with 100 feet of cotton string. I’d often splurge on a few extra feet of string; if you’re going to fly, fly high.

The wind has always been hungry for kites. It blows from the West across the beach pushing those bright-colored gems over the water. Sometimes the tug was too much, and the string was pulled from my hands. But once given what was needed, those kites could run on their own. I loved watching those diamonds dance off into the distance. As they dipped down, the string would catch the water and yank on the kite helping it soar to the heavens. As it rose it pulled the string from the waves, losing the tension and dropped back down. The ups and downs continued but the kites never stopped dancing.

Life is going to be filled with ups and downs. We need to learn to ride those waves and not always feel that we must fight them. A kite on its own would only flip, fail, and nosedive into the water. But with a willing team and a thrilling dream, all is possible.

Master Happiness with Marty Jalove

I am kind of like the kite. I am searching and dreaming, thinking, and scheming. Whenever given the chance, I am going to ride the winds of curiosity. Constantly looking for new possibilities and ways to master happiness.

But I know that I can’t do it by myself. Like every kite that needs its string, I have an incredible wife, Kristi. She is MY string. She doesn’t hold me back; she motivates me to fly. She keeps me grounded while giving me strength. She guides me, leads me, supports me, and believes in me.

My team doesn’t end there. I have friends that push me like the wind. They always have my back and help me realize that I can do wonderful things.

And I have a family that is like the tail of a kite. My children keep me honest, and focused on my values and vision. I hold on to them tightly as I pull them up with me and show them how to realize their dreams.

Take a moment and think about how you fit into your team. Are you the String? The one in control, allowing others to experiment, but guiding the way. Are you the Tail? Giving balance and stability. Maybe you are the Wind. The motivational force that pushing the team onward. Or maybe, like me, you are the Kite. The dreamer, the optimist, the one longing to dance.

Whoever you are, thank those around you; without them, none of us could fly.

I’m going to fly higher than ever this year. And it’s all because of those around me. I hope to see you up there.

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