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Spinach & Bacon Waffle Sandwiches

If you have been afraid to try some of the other culinary quarantine creations, this is a great place to start! Loaded with super sustenance and maybe some not-so-nutritious nourishment, this succulent snack will definitely add a little crunch to your lunch and some yummy to your tummy!

  1. First fry up some popcorn-size bacon crumbles. Fatty is OKAY!

  2. Next dump a CAN of spinach into the bacon grease. I don't have time to watch your fancy spinach wilt. Ewww!

  3. Meanwhile start toasting some waffles. Square are okay, but I find that the Round Whole-Wheat Berry-Flavored Waffles add a whole other layer of sophistication to the sandwich.

  4. Drain the Spinach (you don't want to get your waffles wet).

  5. Plop on a healthy helping of spinach onto each waffle.

  6. Sprinkle on the remaining bacon and cover with cheese.

  7. Microwave till it all coagulates together and top with another waffle.

  8. Pairs well with Hot Cocoa or Sparkling Cider.

It's important to find a reason to smile every day. We are currently living in a scary time but that doesn't mean that we have to be constantly scared.

While in quarantine, I am having fun deciding what to prepare with only the food that I have in the house.

Wish me luck and share a smile today! For more Desperate Recipes go to:

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