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Flamin' Tart Breakfast Sandwich

This mixed-up meal practically makes itself!

The fiery flavor of super-spicy chips is the main building block of the satisfying sandwich. Mixed with aged cheddar and congealed with eggs, this outstanding omelet is best served between two strawberry-sweetened, room-temperature toaster pastries.

Follow the complete step-by-step Desperate Recipe below so that you can enjoy this economical, and kind of comical, gastronomical goodness.

It's extremely easy to make...

  1. Start with a bag of Lay's Flamin' Hot Chips, some Cheddar Cheese, and 2 Eggs!

  2. Crush the chips and scramble it all together IN THE BAG!

  3. Boil the bag for about 4 minutes!

  4. Carefully slice open the bag and you'll notice that your tasty treat fits perfectly on a Frosted Strawberry Pop Tart!

  5. ENJOY! Probably works well with Cool Ranch Doritos and Cinnamon Pop Tarts too!

It's important to find a reason to smile every day. We are currently living in a scary time but that doesn't mean that we have to be constantly scared.

While in quarantine, I am having fun deciding what to prepare with only the food that I have in the house.

Wish me luck and share a smile today! For more Desperate Recipes go to:

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