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Bacon-Scented Hand Sanitizer

Desperate times call for desperate recipes.

Rubbing Alcohol makes great Hand Sanitizer, but it dries out your skin too quickly.

Over-the-counter Hand Sanitizer moisturizes your hands, but smells too "flowery."

But when you mix Grain-Alcohol and Bacon Grease you get the best of three worlds.

  1. Grain-Alcohol is an incredibly strong disinfectant.

  2. Bacon Grease is a "Can't be beat" moisturizer with an unbelievable scent.

  3. And purchasing Grain-Alcohol supports the local farmer.

The only negative is that you tend to lick your hands more often.

It's important to find a reason to smile every day. We are currently living in a scary time but that doesn't mean that we have to be constantly scared.

While in quarantine, I am having fun deciding what to prepare with only the food that I have in the house.

Wish me luck and share a smile today!

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