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Criticism is about finding faults and flaws, but that’s not all bad. It should be with the intention of helping someone grow. Deep down inside, we don’t want our errors exposed to everyone. But I believe that DEEPER down inside we do want our inconsistencies identified so that we won’t make the same mistakes twice.

Learning how to deliver criticism is a critical skill that starts with putting yourself into someone else’s shoes and emphasizing that your goal is to lift them up, not push them down.

Join us as we take a critical look at “DELIVERING CRITICISM with BACON” and maybe receiving some too.

B – Be empathetic and understand that this is difficult news to hear. A – Always get their input to put all things in perspective. C – Communicate in private to make it easier on the receiver. O – Offer some praise so that they will know that they can do better. N – No joking allowed at this time. You’ve got to be sincere, serious, courteous, and clear.

Criticism is a lot like a Brussels sprout, no matter how much you sugar-coat it, it’s still gonna be hard to swallow. You probably won’t enjoy it, but chew on it for a while. It’s good for you.

Criticism is not constructive, no matter how it’s delivered. But we all need to learn to give and receive it with good intentions in order to grow.

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