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Make better decisions with BACON

Sometimes we let indecision win out for fear of making the wrong decision. We cloud our judgement with “what if’s” and we spend more of our precious time on contemplation rather than action. This leads to regret and anxiety.

This can happen when you are deciding which copier to buy for the office, which restaurant to go to for lunch, or thinking about asking someone to go get a cup of coffee. Learning a few simple steps will make it easier the next time that it’s your time to decide.

B - Believe your gut! More often than not, your initial reactions are the right steps to follow.

A - Ask yourself, “What’s the worst that could happen?” Sometimes you will realize that the result of your decision, wrong or right, will be less painful than the stress that you are currently putting yourself under.

C - Count time as money. Spending dollars waiting for the right decision sounds more urgent than spending minutes. Equate your time to your money and you’ll quickly stop procrastinating.

O - Options must be limited. Our brains work better in either/or situations. When your decisions involve many options, limit them to two at a time and start eliminating some of your choices.

N - No decision is often worse than the wrong decision. Don’t drown deciding between a lifejacket and a life-preserver.

Now decide without anxiety or regret. Because each decision that you make, makes making the next decision even easier.

And if you are looking for a way to practice making better decisions…start by deciding to follow me at


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